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Top 5 Business Ideas in Nigeria


We are in a digital globe where almost everything is included in a single system of on the internet. We are in an era where we don’t have to have a shop to sell our items, an era where we don’t actually need to follow the conventional door-to-door method to promote our items but rather an era where everything is done in a simple and quicker way.

With the high increasing level of graduate student lack of employment in Nigeria, I started to think of the way out as I will soon be finishing from the School. Then I remembered paying attention to a presenter at the World management community focusing the declaration “You don’t need investment, what you need is an idea”. I started to think about the statement for the fact that I am afraid to be a graduate without a job who is yet to properly secured a job.

However eventually, I started to understand that the major global business owners actually started without a capital but rather a business idea. Bill Gate the wealthiest man in the entire globe never did begin the Microsoft company with an an enormous capital but rather his concept, Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO who is also the fifth richest man never begin the Facebook with large capital but rather a idea, Steve Jobs who is also a Co-founder of Apple begin the company to rebrand the smart phone industry with just having the idea, Jobberman was developed out of an idea, Linda Ikejis blog was developed out of idea too  and actually very excellent company that developed into a multimillion money was developed out of an Idea.

However, I found that capital is easier to get but no matter how large a capital is, without a wise concept the capital is going to be a waste, whereas a wise idea is hard to find and never can it be lost. So the query is still how will you find a multimillion dollar business ideas in Nigeria. How do you break from the padlock of lack of employment in Nigeria? Below are five tips to discover that business ideas in Nigeria that will change your life permanently.


OBSERVATION: To get an excellent business ideas in Nigeria, you must have to observe things around you. As you walk in the field of observation you need to be able to recognize exactly what people do often, what difficulties they face on regular bases, what they need, how they want their needs to be met, when and where. Ask yourself all these questions you must be able to recognize the way out.

Steve Jobs will often go to the recreation area to see how individual listen to music, Mark Zuckerberg probably noticed what if he and his friends don’t actually have to meet¬†regularly but rather link on the internet to interact and share images. JOBBERMAN realized individuals publish their CV and application letter straight but what if they can do that for them.

So the most critical facet in finding an idea is to observe the marketplace you are interested in, how do they go about doing their business, is there anything that needs to be readjusted and many more factors.


Your findings will be useless and needless if you are yet to identify a problem in the way individuals run their company. The idea can only be noticed out of the desire to provide a solution and better services to individuals. JUMIA and KONGA found a problem in marketing, so they create an online market where you shop and get it delivered to your home, if you are yet to discover any business issue that needed o be settled then you are far from discovering a multi million dollars idea.


Now that you have found the problem in the way people run their business as an entrepreneur, you must give a solution that fills up that space or gap of unsatisfaction in the clients of such industry. This can come by making research and reading books related to that business niche.


Have you found out that idea you think might bring you huge money, you must not just be stepped fully into it but rather make a feasibility research to determine if that remedy you are to provide is realistic? This requires setting up a proper survey. Prepare a questionnaire to know the opinions of your prospective clients about the service you are about to provide and how they feel about it. You must, however, delink your feelings from the answers you obtained.


This is the financial part of your idea. Do not panic, they are a lot of individuals who are ready to sponsor your idea if they found it amazing. You can as well obtain a loan from the Nigerian banks (Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank etc) at an acceptable interest rate, but all you need is an excellent business plan.

In summary, do you have wonderful business ideas in Nigeria that will bring you money? You don’t have to hold on, the time has come. Forget the truth that you need to school and come out with an excellent degree, what is significant is the fact that you move out of your economic bondage and have an experience a world of financial independence. Remember Mark Zuckerberg and many other world business tycoons were dropouts at a point in their academic life. But today, the entire world has written their names in gold, you can also achieve same. All the best. All the best.

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