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Top 2018 Technology Trends That Will Dominate The Tech Planet


As 2018 approaches, technology advances to a higher level. Technology trends never stop to amaze me, and we hope for the best technology trends come 2018. Discussed below are the Top 2018 Technology Trends that will dominate the technology globe.

Technological innovation have enormously changed the way we live today, and there is no refusal to it. Compared with our ancestors, we stand very far away from them in using many technologies for our day-to-day works.

In the past years, Many technologies are developed that have totally changed our lives, and it is impossible to list each of them. Though technological innovation changes fast eventually, we can notice the trends in which it changes. This year 2017 had bought so many fresh, impressive ideas and designs towards automation and incorporation etc., and in 2018 is anticipated to continue the similar kind of pattern.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the significant 2018 technology trends that will likely dominate, which will make us look beyond the skyline.

Top Eight 2018 Technology Trends that will Dominate the Technology World

Gartner’s 2016 Buzz Pattern for growing technologies have recognized different technologies that will be popular next. The cycle demonstrates the truth how technological innovation enhancements are changing the interaction between the client and marketer.

In 2018 Technology Trends, we recognize Blockchains, fully connected Houses, Cognitive Expert Advisors, Learning Machines, Software-defined Security and lots more as the overarching technology trends, which have the possibility of reshaping the company models and providing businesses the certain path to growing markets and environments.

Blockchain Technology Trend

Blockchain is commonly known as ‘Distributed Ledge Technology’ for both financial and non-financial dealings, it is one of the bewildering ideas that only the technologists could understand. Various improvements in blockchain have helped many people and more companies in 2017, to achieve its perspective in economical and finance market.

In 2018 technology trends, it is predicted that blockchain technological innovation would go beyond just economical industry, helping the start-ups and established companies to address the marketplace needs with different application offerings. Recently Blockchain implemented support for Entherium coin, and we hope by 2018 there will be the implementation of more coins into the blockchain wallet.

Internet & Smart Home-Tech

Following the advancement of IoT, we are already seeking the globe of inter-connected things, aren’t we? Our goals of residing in smart homes are met to some level in 2017. So, what is avoiding us from satisfying our goals of residing in smart connected homes?

However, the truth is that the marketplace is full of numerous distinct types of equipment and applications, but just a small amount of solutions incorporate them into a single, comprehensive user experience. It is predicted that 2018 technology trends will be step-up towards satisfying our dreams.

Electronic learning and Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Electronic learning have taken the whole globe by surprise with its great technology and impressive inventions. By monitoring the ongoing trends in this field, there is no longer an imagination to see the world where robots and machine will dominate the society.

Moreover, this year, we have experienced the rise of ML algorithms on almost all significant e-commerce sites and its associated phone applications, which is further anticipated to spread across on all social media platforms, dating sites, and matrimonial sites in 2018.

Software-defined Security

In 2017, we have noticed a significant development for increased server security. Many companies have begun acknowledging the value of cybersecurity to step-up their game in the emerging digital business. The development of cloud-based facilities is causing an excellent need for handling unstructured information, and however, the lack of technical skills and risk to information security, are the major factors that will affect the significant development of software-defined security market this season.


No doubt, automation will be the principal throughout the year, the 2018 technology trends will definitely be transformative for IT industry, allowing the automation of human-performed projects/tasks.  The markets are likely to observe wide businesses development with good market results when automation and machine learning are combined.

On-Demand Services

The international market experienced an excellent reaction for on-demand solutions from the last few years. Credit to the start-ups like Uber, Twiggy, etc, that began the trend of providing on-demand cab solutions and food distribution services on just a few clicks of the mouse. The trend has activated the development of various mobile applications, providing several on-demand solutions on the convenience. Though these types of services were limited to certain areas, it is predicted that it will extend to many locations in 2018.

Intelligent Applications

The Intelligent applications include technologies using personal digital assistants (PDAs) that have the quality of changing the work environment to be more entertaining, with effective communications. Using AI technological trend, to enhance customer experience levels, service providers will focus on the independent business procedures that will utilize the big information tools to the maximum.

Humanized Big Data.

From the last few decades, Big Data has been the excellent subject and have created a large hype in the international market. The purpose is that mass amounts of gathered information – which we have access to – can assist us in every little thing, i.e., from planning advanced medications to implementing remarkable company marketing techniques.

The biggest strength of big data is its quantitative and mathematical base, which is also a significant weak point. By looking at the success Donald Trump had in USA elections, there occurs a big question mark on the Big Data research analysis and its utilization in making decisions. We anticipate that big data in 2018 will go through significant improvements and this technology trend 2018 which will help the marketers to humanize and seek empathetic, qualitative pieces of information for predicting it in a more imagined manner.

What do you think of these 2018 growing trends?

Well, most of us know that creating presumptions is a confusing task, but to estimate something related to upcoming technology in a year time is a useless exercise. This is because there may be improvements to the trends listed above, but the ones I mentioned are most likely to attract market attention in 2018. This prediction will be of great help to the marketers. This will enable them to plan their upcoming business strategies and to set up right resources which have proven knowledge in these technologies.


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