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Airtel Data Plans For All Android Phones and Laptops September 2017


With no doubt I know you are looking for an affordable Airtel Data plans; Airtel Data Plans For Android Phones, Airtel data Plans For iPads, Airtel Data Plans For iPhones and Airtel Data Plans that are cheap. Airtel Data Plans for all Smartphones and Modems. I am correct, right?

Yeah, it always feels good when you subscribe to any Nigerian data plans especially Airtel Data plans and get maximum value for your money.

I guess you might be using an android device.

You should know that an android device consumes data like hell and you are searching for a very good and affordable Airtel Android Subscription plan. An android data plan that is affordable and will last long “like never before”

I always feel bad whenever I pay a thousand naira just to get a little 200MB of data from Airtel, and the most annoying part is that the 200MB will get exhausted in less than 24hours.

But all these are now stories. Yeah, they are stories of the past now.

You know why..?

Here’s why:

In this post, I will show you over 10 amazing and affordable Airtel data plans that work on any device, be it Android smartphones, ipads, iPhones, VITA consoles, USB Modems, Routers and Window phones.

Not just all, in this post also, I will drop working airtel code to get awesome Airtel Data bonuses. I know you will like this one. Naija people too like

I know you will like this one. Naija people too like awoof

If you don’t want to miss-out, then you have to join the “bad gang”, hey! I mean join the inner circle of those that get maximum value for their money when it comes to Airtel Nigeria data plans

Top Best Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria 2017


Airtel Daily data Plans

Before now, 10MB for ₦100 was the standard data plans from Nigerian mobile internet providers which painfully is a pure deceit (Scam) because it does not last and with the poor network connection in some areas you might even end up not making use of the data till it expires.

However, the Airtel daily data plans below are quite different.

  1. Airtel 50MB Data Plan for ₦100

You don’t need to be surprised because there are a lot of competitions now in the Nigeria mobile internet providers.

After giving us half baked bread for the prize of pizza, Airtel has lastly reviewed their daily data plan.

This time around they have pulled up their daily ₦100 naira data plan from little 10MB to 50MB. This is over 300% increase.

Remember that this plan is valid for only 24hours. Check below for the Subscription code

Airtel daily Subscription code

To subscribe simply dial *410#

  1. 200MB for ₦200

This Airtel 200MB data plan is valid for 3 days.

You can use the 200MB data given to you for ₦200  to do your normal browsing

However, I recommend you consider the next data bundle plan (plan 3) below subscribing to this;

Airtel 200MB Subscription Code

To subscribe simply dial *412#

  1. The 5-Star Package ₦100 for 25MB (5MB daily for 5days)

When you compare the data allocated to this bundle with the first bundle above its small. However, I found this one good. Although all depends on what you intend to do on the internet at that particular time.  But if you’re the type of person that all you do is just to put on your data to read and reply WhatsApp messages and Check your Facebook status and reply messages, then this plan is the best for you.

Airtel  ₦100 for 25MB (5MB daily for 5days) Subscription Code

To subscribe simply dial *401#

Airtel Nigeria Weekly Plans

In as much as there are two weekly data plans, I will only mention one. Yes this is because only that one has value

  1. Airtel 750MB Data Plan for ₦500

In this Airtel ₦500 Naira bundle, you are given 750MB to browse the internet for complete two solid weeks. Life is good with Airtel internet bundle. I know Etisalat and MTN have similar data subscription plan, but because of Airtel’s two weeks validity period, it makes it better than the former.

Airtel 750MB Subscription Code:

To subscribe simply dial *418#

Airtel Monthly data Plans

Yeah, we are here. This is the ultimate for Airtel internet subscription plans

Data bundles in this classification are one of the best in Nigeria comparative to MTN, ETISALAT and GLO internet data bundles. Even though these data bundles are for Android devices, they work perfectly on other devices.

Below are the best Airtel Nigeria monthly data bundles:

  1. Airtel 5GB Data Plan for ₦1000

This Airtel data plan is their Android 1.0 plan as mentioned in their website. You are given a 1.5GB value of data for ₦1000 (One Thousand Naira). This plan virtually works on all devices even in laptops when using Wi-Fi Hotspot or when inserted in a USB modem.  Unlike their Blackberry data plans, this one works on all gadgets, I have tested it myself so you do not need to fear. They have a moderate data consumption rate too.

What this means is that, even though they call it Android 1.0 plan, they will give you 1.5GB data even when you are not using an Android device. This data plan is valid for 30 days (i.e. one month)

Airtel 1.5GB Subscription Code

>>To subscribe to this Airtel monthly data plan simply dial *496#

  1. Airtel 3.5GB Data Plan ₦2,000

Now, this is the deal.

In this data bundle, you will be given almost double of data to the cash spent. What I mean is that with just ₦2000 you would be given 3.5GB data which is double of the cash equivalent of the previous plan.

This subscription plan is valid for 30 days

This is the best plan for the everyday internet user. If sometimes you watch Videos online and download music or videos, then this is the perfect plan to chose.

Airtel 3.5GB Subscription Code

>>To register for the Airtel 3.5GB monthly data plan simply dial *437#

This plan rocks! No questions about that, but before you jump in, check-out the next plan below.

  1. Airtel 5GB Data Plan for ₦2,500

This is getting interesting. This bundle seems more like a helping hand or will I say and extension to the previous plan.  An additional ₦500 will get you extra 1.5GB data value. In total, you will receive 5GB for ₦2,500 to browse the internet for 30 days.

If you are a heavy internet user like me, then this would be the data plan to go for. Although sometimes I exhaust mine before the 30days reach but at least, it will go far to some extent.

Airtel 5GB Subscription Code

To subscribe to the Airtel 5GB monthly data plan, simply dial *437*1#

  1. Airtel 7GB Data Plan for ₦3,500

This is also for heavy internet users. Here you can stream videos on YouTube, watch Premier League live matches on your android smart phones and download videos and music till your battery is flat ( Lol! Don’t try this at home).

For ₦3,500, you get 7GB of data. This bundle is valid for 30 days (One month).

Airtel 7GB Subscription Code

To subscribe to the Airtel 7GB monthly data plan simply, dial *438#

Recently, the next two plans below are my best plan. As a blogger and Freelancer, this is my best data plan. It serves me well and lasts for 30days if I manage it well o o.

My next post on this site will be on “How to make Money from Fiverr”. The information I will drop is what some Nigerian Internet marketers charge thousands of Naira for. But you will get it here for free. So always visit this website to know when I post it or simply subscribe to my email list to get notified when it’s been posted.

Let’s continue.

  1. Airtel 10GB Data Plan for ₦5,000

This data bundle is Valid for 30 days. For ₦5000 only you can get 10GB. I know you will say this is for the big guys, but I tell you once you start making money online, you will enjoy this plan. Don’t miss my next post on this blog.

Airtel 10GB Subscription Code:

To subscribe to the Airtel 10GB monthly data plan simply *452#

  1. Airtel 20GB Data Plan for ₦8,000

Some of my friends make use of this plan and have rest of mind. With the sum of ₦8,000, you would be given 20GB data value. Valid for 30days only

Airtel 20GB Subscription Code:

To subscribe to the Airtel 20GB monthly data plan, simply dial *460#

  1. Airtel 250MB Data Plan for ₦300

This bundle is normally referred to as the Airtel Opera monthly bundle. It is one of the best data bundle plans for students.

Let’s vary a little

You can use this Airtel’s Opera bundle for checking your emails, do your assignments, Facebook, Twitter and other kinds of stuff online.

NOTE:  This data bundle only works on Opera Mini browsers. This is an added advantage because Opera Mini is very good in data compression, so trust me, as far as you are not downloading or watching videos online, then 250MB will go a long way for 30days.

Airtel 250MB Subscription Code:

To subscribe to the Airtel 250MB monthly data plan, simply *885*1#

Below are General Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Plan Codes

Airtel Nigeria Internet Data Plan Codes




Subscription Code

Airtel Daily Data Bundles

50MB ₦100 24 Hours *410#
200MB ₦200 3 Days *412#
25MB ₦100 5 Days *401#

Airtel Weekly Data Bundles




2 Weeks



Airtel Monthly Data Bundles

1.5GB ₦1,000 30 Days *496#
3.5GB ₦2,000 30 Days *437#
5GB ₦2,500 30 Days *437*1#
7GB ₦3,500 30 Days *438#
10GB ₦5,000 30 Days *452#



30 Days


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How To Check Your Airtel Data Balance

I can’t conclude this post without telling you this. It is very necessary to always know the amount of data you have left. This will enable you to plan ahead. Either to reduce your usage or to keep enjoying. Checking data balance on Airtel is very simple just like checking your airtime balance.

To check your airtel data balance simply dial *140#

Ohh yes, I almost forgot I promised to drop Airtel data codes for getting data bonus on Airtel.

I know you are waiting for this moment. Alright, without wasting much of your time,

See below:

With this code, whenever you buy any airtel data plan, you will be given 100% data bonus.

Sounds cool right..? E.g when you buy airtel 1.5GB for ₦1,000 you will receive 3GB Bonus.

Once you activate your Airtel line for this double data offer, you will enjoy this bonus for complete 6 months. I know you are smiling now. See below on how to activate your Airtel line for this bonus.

How to Activate Your Airtel Line for Double Data Offer

Airtel Double Data Offer Activation code is *144#

I have tested this in my 2 airtel sim cards and it works perfectly.

Try it and don’t forget to comment if it worked for you.

Also, Share this post. Yeah, I love Comments, Please drop your comments below.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post have helped answer your questions as it concerns Airtel data Plans

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